semaphore signal
semaphore signal

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Welcome to Matt's Web Page. The device at the left is a railroad semaphore signal. It was used by railroads before their optical technology was advanced enough to allow electric lights to be plainly seen in daylight.

My name is Matthew R. Enos or just Matt for short. I am an electrical engineer by training, but I exibit evidence of rightbrainedness from time to time. Railroads are a hobby of mine, as are electrical things. Right where these two hobbies overlap are railroad signals. I like them just as much if not more than the trains themselves.

Railroads run on less track than they once did. There is a common misconception that railroads are a dying industry. This belief exists because railroads are no longer a direct part of most people's lives. Passenger trains have been replaced by automobile and air travel. Also, as the number of people employed by the railroad is much less, fewer people have family employed by the railroad. Finally, the caboose and its occupants have been replaced by later technology. Yet, on the remaining track, freight service has made the remaining railroads as strong as ever today.

We live in an age which prides itself on appreciation for diversity. We don't like to see groups of people descriminated against or reduced to icons. Yet society has, to a large extent, reduced the Judeo-Christian community to such a condition. As a secular worldview becomes commonplace, we see people of faith represented by finatics, extremists, and hypocrites. Wrongly so! It has been the mistake of many sincere believers of these faiths to retreat from prominence in everyday life, that is, to demonstrate their value to society by living humbly and uprightly in accordance with their nature and beliefs while going about their daily lives.

In much the same way as railroads suffer a lack of recognition and are yet a vital mechanism to our economy, so Christians, who have failed to vindicate themselves in the midst of post-Christian secularism, remain prominant in the fields of morality, integrity, and optimism.

What you are seeing is the second instance of this website, the first one being effectively destroyed by subjection to unfortunate technical circumstances. This new instance is very similar to the first. While retaining some of the old articles, I have also introduced some new ones in an attempt to offer more original content. It is the hope of the author to present something that will be interesting or helpful to his readers.

[Author's Note: The content currently visible at "" was largely created in the evenings one summer when the author was working on a college campus with still two years to go before graduation--quite a while ago now. At that time the Internet was a different place. "Social media" was small to nonexistent, and creating a personal website was somewhat of a technical feat, the feel of which was much like the feel of being involved in amateur (ham) radio. After some version of it was finished, the site was linked to from one of the college-hosted "student homepages" where it could be discovered and read by friends, acquaintances, and even a few strangers. Since then the site has been preserved and maintained partly as a memorial to friends that were part of daily life around the time period in which the hand-typed HTML was written, some of which are alluded to in the content, some of which had their own memorable, personal websites, and some of which were just memorable in and of themselves. But whether or not they have any connection with the author, it is his hope that if possible the site remains interesting or helpful to his readers. Enjoy.--MRE 2016-01-10]

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