1 n, plural: kindnesses which characterize human behavior 2 : those fields of study relating to the human experience as in thought or history and as opposed to those relating to the sciences 3 : Things that aren't quite so technical

The Scenic Route

By M.R.E.
Cafeteria Seating

By M.R.E.
Electrical Excellence

The wonders of college-owned housing.

By M.R.E.
Sayings and Poems of Matt

These are all original to me!

By M.R.E.
Night Crossing

How time spent at a crossing can be interesting.

By M.R.E.
Text Art

This is artistry in the lowest resolution possible. (I'll avoid using the term text graphics in order to keep the humanities section from getting too computery.)

The Last Great Power Outage

By M.R.E.

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