Sayings and Poems of Matt

Faith is not walking out on a narrow limb with the blind assurance that God will not let it break. Faith, rather, is the learned assurance that if you walk out on a narrow limb in accordance with God's will that, if and when it does break, He will catch you at some unknown point before you hit the ground, or that if He wills for you to go all the way to the ground this time, that you will be with Him in heaven afterwards.

Humans are distinct from the rest of the animal kingdom by the fact that they know the difference between right and wrong and by the fact that they have thumbs. However, there are still some humans who do not know the difference between right and wrong, and it would be better if these also did not have thumbs.

To say that I have a right to do something is not to say that I am right to do it.

It is impossible to act naturally.

True points should have neither length, nor width, nor depth, nor mass. Some people, however, continue to make points that, while not particularly deep, are broad, entirely too long, and altogether very cumbersome indeed.

It is not so difficult to suffer life's pain as to go on in in spite of it--and that we must.

Television is a waste of time at best, but it isn't even that good.

To know how much something costs is not to see its price tag, but to pay for it yourself.

To shoot with a gun is not necessarily to be fighting for the right--you can be a good guy shooting bad guys or a bad guy shooting good guys. The trigger feels the same, regardless. Likewise, human reason can be a powerful weapon, but to use it is not necessarily to be fighting for the right--you can be a good guy stamping out heresy or a bad guy suppressing God's honest truth. You don't know which one you are just because you use it, because it feels the same. Regardless.

Make more rules and pass more laws.
Just treat the symptom and not the cause.
We'll have more vice and wonder why.
It's because our society is morally shy.

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