Commentary on Sixth Sense

The movie Sixth Sense appears to be a cleaver story about a disturbed child who, when someone tried to help him, ended up helping others. However, anyone with Christian sympathies should be warned of the ideas that seem to be purported within.

The child is found in a church, looking to God to save him from his fears, and praying, in Latin, "Lord, save me from the depths," or something to that effect. In his private bedroom tent, he keeps a figure of Jesus (along with many saints). There he goes to find refuge. But there he does not find it. The mother of the boy says something like, "I've prayed so many times....I guess we'll just have to answer each other's prayers."

The lie of Satan presented here is that Jesus, represented here by an unliving figure, and deliberate communion with him, represented here by a dead language, cannot solve our problems or deliver us from our fears or from evil. Humanity's problems, rather, according to the message of this story, might well be resolved by consulting the dead. Prayer is represented as a waste of time.

Of course, no one believes that the movie is based on a true story; it is fiction. Ghosts probably aren't going to appear with disfigurements related to the nature of their death. But there are real deceptions by the evil one, and some of these pertain to the dead.

The danger is that people seeing this movie will turn away from Jesus and stop seeking his redeeming love, which certainly is available to them. If they do not attempt to consult the dead, they may only find the concept more palatable. However, if it seems appropriate to them, they may come into contact with the spiritualistic realm and be in a worse condition.

There are people who can identify with the mother's disappointment in prayer. Even the most religious and diligent people on earth do not always understand the how, when, and why of answers to prayer. A person who is not very familiar with prayer could easily be discouraged and reject God when it appears that his or her prayers are not heard. This movie gives a sense of community to those who are so disappointed. But the real hook here is for some people who actually live with pain of the type had by the mother character in this movie over the deceased grandmother of the boy. They want so badly to heal the hurt they feel that they may be willing to believe, if only secretly, that those who have passed from this life are able to see, hear, and even communicate directly with the living. Thus, they open the door to whatever deceptions may follow.

There will be a time when all things will be resolved, but it will happen according to God's plan and in his own good time (Revelation chapter 20). Those who have lost their lives wrongly will be recognized, and God will wipe away every tear (Revelation chapter 21).

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