Welcome to the religion section. This section does not presently have as many articles as other sections of my website; yet, I hope that the volume of writing here is not used as a measure of my spiritual priorities. On the contrary, I think that the best reason to write is for the glorification of God and the salvation of souls. However, in the years that I have kept this website, I have received almost no comments about the religion section itself, but many comments about certain articles in other sections of my website which blend Christianity with other subjects. The reasons why Christian content appears elsewhere are both because sincere religion cannot be separated honestly from other parts of life, and because I want to make it practical for others who may benefit from its being there. People apparently find this "practical Christianity" more inspiring and helpful. This fact brings with it an important lesson, and I'm glad for the opportunity to have served in this way.

Here you will find some articles that relate more exclusively to my Christian spirituality. I hope that they will be helpful to their readers. Writing articles on biblical matters brings with it the solemn responsibility of "rightly dividing the word of truth" (2 Tim 2:15). But every piece of truth in Scripture reveals something more about the God I serve. And I believe that, for the contrite heart, to know Him is to love Him. Therefore, although it is difficult to create articles of the quality that I aspire to have for this section, I hope to have more articles in the future. What follows is a mixture of relatively deep theological items and the lighter side of the faith.

Matt's Favorite Bible Verses and Passages

Don't miss this! It's been a delight for me to copy these verses and read them over again, so read them even if you don't think you feel like doing any Bible reading.

By M.R.E.
The Wedding Parable

The Wedding Parable By Matt Enos

By M.R.E.
SDA Points

Author's Notes about Adventism

By M.R.E.

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